Due North – The North West, Lake District and Scotland

You can get to Edinburgh or Glasgow by bus or train in about half a day, but you would be missing out on some wonderful locations along the way.

Why not make a day of it and travel comfortably, and at your own pace, on one of our relaxing door-to-door transfer tours?

The City of Chester sits on the River Dee on the border of Wales and England. Its rich history and heritage, and bustling city centre, make it one of the most exciting cities to visit in Britain. Founded as a Roman garrison town in the 1st century, it later became immensely wealthy as one of the main trading ports in Britain. The Roman walls surrounding the city offer a fine walk with panoramic views of the bustling streets. The walls link many places of interest such as the Roman Amphitheatre, the 1000-year-old cathedral and the ‘Rows’. The 700-year old half-timbered ‘Rows’ are the focal point of shopping in Chester. The two-tiered galleries, built-in Tudor style, are packed with modern shops, galleries, and restaurants.

Heading north, a visit to Levens Hall is a must. This stunning Elizabethan mansion, originally built around a 13th-century Pele Tower, houses an important collection of Jacobean furniture, fine paintings and early English quilting and patchwork. Behind the high stone walls, and virtually unchanged since the 17th century, lies the world’s oldest topiary gardens – a spectacular display of Box and Yew trees in abstract and geometric shapes, some resembling giant chess pieces.

Heading into England’s northwestern corner, we enter the ancient county of Cumbria and The Lake District. The shimmering lakes, silent forests, and craggy mountains (the Fells) of this area have inspired poets, writers and artists such as Wordsworth, Wainwright and Potter through the centuries. Now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Lake District is dotted with quaint villages and small bustling towns where its history, heritage and culture sit side by side with everyday life. A great place to stroll a while or take an English cream tea before heading to your Lakeland hotel or taking the last leg of your journey through the Scottish Lowlands to Edinburgh or Glasgow.

Use this transfer day to get you to or from the North West, the Lake District, the Scottish Lowlands, Glasgow or Edinburgh.